Faith Seeker

Enter into a place that is without shame, guilt or judgment.  Recognize and resolve the root causes of your addiction when your life is touched by the Holy Spirit.  Experience the love that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prayer, Praise and Worship, Church Attendance and Bible Study is afforded to everyone who wants to participate on a voluntary basis.  We are not here to sell you Jesus, we love Him too much to diminish Him as another checkbox.  We are here to demonstrate that love for God and your neighbor is the greatest of all gifts that blesses the one who gives as much, or more, than the one who receives.

If all you gain from review of our website is a moment of silence in your room in private where you call upon Jesus to help you, ask for forgiveness from your sins and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior, then praise God for your healing has started.

Glory to God